Send SMS - save children's life!

Send SMS - save children's life!

Campaign of fund raising for children sick of a cancer of blood proceeds. This time it is necessary to get the apparatus of a blood irradiation.


It costs 250 thousand euro. According to doctors opinion the modern analyzer of blood will really help sick children to recover! The matter is that the considerable quantity of the donor blood irradiated by special apparatus is required to small patients. There are about 10 thousand children in Tatarstan suffering a leukaemia. The mortality percentage among small patients is still great, but thanks to new technologies it decreases every year.

The Welfare fund of help to children sick of a leukaemia by name of Angela Vavilova is engaged in fund raising for purchase of the analyzer of blood. Fund founders - Marina and Vladimir Vavilovy, whose five years' daughter Angela has died several years ago of a leukaemia. The sum is very big so they ask to help all who can do it. And the advanced way - simply to send SMS with a word "children" on short number 5075.

It will take out 30 roubles from the account of the subscriber and will send the reciprocal report: «Thanks for your help».


It is possible to contact Fund by name of Angela Vavilova by phone 263-95-38 or on an electron mail: